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Why We Give


We give because He gave. God gave his own son, Jesus, to live as a human, to overcome sin, to bring healing to a broken world, to give his life in our place in order to overcome death, and to rise again to give us the hope of eternal life. His sacrifice solidified a relationship that God has desired from the first moment The Trinity decided to create human beings. We often get so focused on the fact that people couldn’t live up to God’s seemingly unattainable standards that that is the only reason Jesus came to earth. The truth is that Jesus came to earth and gave himself up for us because he missed us. Why Jesus Gave is all about relationship. Why We Give is also all about relationship. Each Saturday night during Lent we will be focusing on Why We Give.

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Why do we worship?

In her April 2016 blog, Pastor Carlene shares our mindset about Sunday worship. 


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