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2020 Sermon Series


This year we're going deeper in our spiritual focus by reading through the Bible. Each person can decide whether they are going to read through the entire Bible or just the New Testament. We are participating in a 5-day-a-week reading plan (each week's reading can be found on the New Vision Facebook page). The sermons will tie into a part of the scripture we read from that week. This is an exciting challenge for all of us as we are purposeful in our Bible reading and study as well as seeing how God speaks to us each week through our preaching team. If you are new to New Vision, you can start the reading anywhere along the way right where we are in the reading plan. We hope YOU decide to join us on this journey!

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Why do we worship?

In her April 2016 blog, Pastor Carlene shares our mindset about Sunday worship. 


New Vision Fellowship meets at West Valley Church in Hillsboro:

1320 NE Cherry Lane Hillsboro, OR 97124

Saturdays, 6:00pm