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Unpacking A Busy Life

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I recently got to change my lifestyle from “burning the candle at both ends” to working and living out my dream job. Due to a very generous donation, my salary as a pastor has been supplemented. Initially, when this gift came to me, I tried to find ways to make it last for as long as possible – maybe if I work part time for the church and part time for the hospital I can nibble away at the donation and make it last for 5 years… However, I quickly realized that choosing that option was not exercising faith and was not honoring the person who gave the gift or God who was opening the door for me to live my dream. After meeting with the church’s finance manager, we came to a reasonable agreement that the gift would supplement my salary for 30 months – which really is a long time and I am very grateful!

It was definitely time for me to stop the insane schedule I was working. Ten months was long enough to work two full-time jobs, but, apart from that, realizing that other people were beginning to project boundaries into my life definitely made me aware that the lifestyle I was modeling was not one I would want anyone else to emulate. Granted, we all have times in our lives when we have to do what we have to do, but when we know it is for a limited time and that there is another option to end the insanity, then it is time to exercise the ability to make a healthy choice.

This experience has allowed me to ponder a couple of things. First, I want to be sure to model for the congregation I serve (my family) a healthy lifestyle, a life of living by faith, and making sure I set my priorities appropriately. Second, it frustrates me when I feel others setting boundaries for me. Through several conversations with friends, though, I came to realize that the problem wasn’t that I hadn’t set appropriate boundaries, but that I had gotten off track from the focus God had given me.


So, humbled, I have chosen to embrace the love that God was showing me through my friends and family, and take a little time for myself – some long baths, reading for leisure, watching some TV (even though I still feel like this is frequently a mindless exercise), hanging out with friends just to hang out without an agenda of accomplishing work, gardening, going for walks, and spending quality time with my husband… I think I can get used to this less-packed lifestyle!

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