NEW VISION FELLOWSHIP: Broken People Becoming Whole
Transformation, growth, recalibration, transition, change…

Each of these words can conjure up different connotations in our mind, some positive and exciting and others more negative and intimidating. However, without constant development in our lives we will grow stagnant, dissatisfied, and wonder what is missing from life. In John 10:10, Jesus says that he brings us life that is full and satisfying! We stay full by constantly taking in more – more and more of what God has to give us – which leads to a satisfying life.

God has been calling me to a new level of growth in my life. Included in this growth is a more clear vision of the purpose of His church. As a church, our core mission is to share the good news of salvation that is available to everyone who believes in Jesus Christ as their Savior. As I was studying Psalm 107 recently, I was struck by a question David asks: “Have you been redeemed?” If the answer is “yes” he says, “Then speak out!” This simplifies a sometimes intimidating aspect of Christianity: Evangelism.

The Bible says that when we need an answer the Holy Spirit will provide us with the right answer, but that doesn’t mean that we can necessarily explain, expound, and exegete scripture to adequately explain the Creator and the many mysteries of God. I love the way David streamlines one of the best ways to sharing the message of the gospel! When we share the story of how our life has been changed because of our faith in Jesus Christ, our witness becomes powerful. If anyone has questions about our story, then we are the best one to answer those questions. How easy it becomes to share the good news when one realizes our own changed life possesses the message of Jesus’ Christ’s transforming power!

When we seek God, we will find him. And, when we find him we will know him better. The process of transformation is ongoing in a Christian’s life and in the life of all Christian churches. God continually looks for bodies of believers who have proven themselves faithful with the little in order to entrust them with even more. New Vision is one of those churches. We have a story to share: God has brought new life to our body giving us a “new vision” and he never fails to continue challenging us in our walk of obedient service to him. We keep God’s mission before us and he continues to reveal his vision for us.

Have we been redeemed? Yes! Then, we will share our story!

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