NEW VISION FELLOWSHIP: Broken People Becoming Whole
Growth? Growth?! Oh, Growth!

Not one of us who is a follower of Christ look like we did when we became a believer. A transformation takes place from the inside out and we are forever changed. No growing church body looks the same over time, unless it stagnates, because just as individuals are living beings, the church is alive as the Body of Christ. As your pastor, in response to God's leading, I have called upon this church body to grow and forge ahead in deep belief that God has so much more for us; that he awaits our arrival on a mountaintop to bestow his vision, plan, and next steps for His Body at New Vision Fellowship.

The question that has been raised recently is by what do we measure growth? In the last week the fact that we are a congregation of 50 or so people has been brought to my attention (this is not new information to me). As I have prayed about this, God has revealed that the enemy, Satan, would like us to measure our growth as the world does: growth = numbers = success. This is NOT the formula by which we are to measure our growth.

Clearly, if we look at numbers alone, then the spotlight, or maybe better said the searchlight, is taken off of us individually and we can busy ourselves doing Satan's bidding of turning our focus outside of where God is at work. Growth or success is not and has never been about numbers. Growth and success is about changed lives. Changed lives produce changed lives that produce more changed lives. This is the formula of growth measured by God's Holy Spirit.

As we have begun a journey uphill, to reach a mountaintop, have you been waylaid by a numbers game? If so, you are not alone. It has been a distraction to keep us from our real work. God spoke to me when I questioned his plans and our hope for success asking, "Have you not seen how I have cared for you?" I, in turn, ask each person reading this newsletter: Have you not seen how God has cared for you?

Keep trusting, keep climbing, keep on keeping on. Let's all meet at the top! 

Pastor Carlene

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