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Being the Church

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Being the Church

God often speaks to me through visions.  I will frequently be in prayer and he will show me a picture and communicate with me about what the vision means.  This has been especially true as I have been in the pastorate at New Vision.  Last week, God showed me a picture of an apple with a worm in it.  As I pursued a meaning to this vision, it changed slightly so that the worm was eating at the core of the apple.  This prompted me to ask those at New Vision to prayerfully consider if there is anything that is eating at their core that is making it difficult to have the peace and right relationship with God and others.  At New Vision, we have a value of transparency.  Therefore, I shared with the congregation about the urgency for this church body to examine ourselves and make sure that the fruit we are bearing is pure.

As we finished our service today and were beginning to repack our “church in a box” a dear member of our church slipped and fell off of a curb and onto the asphalt driveway.  I was in the midst of a conversation when I saw her fall and exclaimed, “Someone fell!”  By the time I ran outside, there was already a large group of people assisting.  Fortunately, we have two very well-trained medical professionals who stepped in and administered first aid until the ambulance arrived.  Our friend will be okay, but will be sore and healing over the next few weeks.  She will be held closely in prayer and in our care because at New Vision we don’t just talk about how we need to help, we take ACTION to help!

Once everything was beginning to settle down after the accident and the last few members were finishing up our tasks of loading everything into our trailer, I was approached by another church member who said, “I saw our church today!”  I am embarrassed to admit that my first thought was that she saw a church building that we could buy!  I said, “Where did you see it?” to which she answered, “Out in front of this building today!”  

WE ARE THE CHURCH!  It has absolutely nothing to do with a building.  When one of our family members was in distress, it didn’t even matter in that moment that Satan was working overtime to try to get at our core.  When it really matters we move in unity and we are the church of Jesus Christ!  We love, we respond quickly, and we rally because we are all in process together as we grow into the church that Jesus has been very faithfully crafting.

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