NEW VISION FELLOWSHIP: Broken People Becoming Whole

Insights From Our Pastors

Empowerment Through Education

Our church’s partnership with Saint Child has resulted in us taking a step into the world of human trafficking. We knew when we began volunteering at Saint Child one year ago that we would be serving at a safe house for young moms and their babies. We also knew that the time these moms and babies spent at Saint Child would help them to transform their lives of dysfunction into lives that would give their kids a better chance at health and success. What we didn’t know at the time was that 85-90% of the young women who live at Saint Child come out of a life of human trafficking. As a result of our service and ministry at Saint Child, we have come to realize that the crime and tragedy of human trafficking is a world that God has called us to reach into and one we know very little about.

Pastor Carlene writes with discretion, but when reading further please be aware this is a * MATURE SUBJECT *