NEW VISION FELLOWSHIP: Broken People Becoming Whole

Want to Serve?

What skills or talents do you have to offer? Or are you interested in learning something new? Let's discover together how you can be part of the action. Check out the ministries below.

Ministry Leaders

Worship Team

When we express our love for God, it is worship. This can look many different ways. On Sundays we create a worship environment through live music. This is made possible through many musically and technically gifted people. Other days of the week offer plenty of opportunities to get involved through media and art.

Contact Person:
Pastor Carlene Nisley

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Children of Faith

For kids, a sermon is just not quite the same...
We think kids are very precious, and want church to be a fun place for them to grow and learn about God. Helpers have the honor of backing up their faith with action and showing our kids what God's love looks like.

Kristina Leader

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First Contact Team

Have you ever walked into an event, looked around, and thought "now what?" We want New Vision to be a place where every person feels welcome and valued. Volunteers on our first contact team make this a reality.

Greta Lee

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