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Action Groups are a great way to connect with others and grow deeper together in God's word! Action Groups also plan events where we make a difference. You can learn what makes each group unique here on our website. To ask a question, contact us. Sign up to get involved.
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Family Action Group
Every other Sunday at starting at 4:30 p.m. (first meeting this fall is scheduled for September 6th)
Location: The Peacock's home in Beaverton, Oregon
Led by: Don Delzer

This is a group that meets every other Sunday at 4:30 PM for a meal and then Bible study.  The group is kid-friendly, with the kids enjoying a meal with the entire group and then having their own time of fun in a separate space while the adults study and discuss scripture.  The group is egalitarian in its leadership, with one or two people preparing study questions that are formed in order to facilitate discussion, but the person or people preparing questions do not instruct the group; these questions direct the discussion.  This group will be including Matthew 5-7, the Sermon on the Mount, in their study this fall. 


Hege Action Group
Wednesdays at 7 p.m.

Location: Alternates between Bill and Jan Hege’s home and Greta Lee’s home, in Aloha, Oregon
Led By: Bill and Jan Hege
Communications Coordinator:  Greta Lee

The Sermon on the Mount begins with the Beatitudes, which are blessings.  Max Lucado’s book The Applause of Heaven illuminates the Beatitudes in a unique way.  The Hege Action Group will be reading and discussing the Beatitudes, with The Applause of Heaven as their guide. 

Certain things about God are easy to imagine.

“I can picture him creating the world and suspending the stars.

“I can fathom a God who knows me, who made me, and I can even fathom a God who hears me.

“But a God who is in love with me? A God who is crazy for me? A God who cheers for me?...That’s hard to imagine

“But that’s the message of the Bible.

“And that is the message of this book.”   - Max Lucado

Prayer Action Group

Every other Sunday evening, starting at 6:30 PM (first meeting on September 27th)
Location: Ted Nisley's home in Aloha, Oregon
Led By: Ted Nisley 

Prayer is more than just asking God for something, it is developing a relationship with God. This study will reveal aspect of the relationship God is attempting to create and/or restore between Himself and believers, how He is moving to restore us to His original design and purpose, and eventually leading us to understanding the dimension of life that God has for those of us who believe.

This group will be studying the book Just Ask by Doug Newton.  Excerpt from Just Ask:  "Let's recap the logic behind this book. A fuller and clearer view of the many facets of salvation will result in a more profound awareness of the heart of God. This in turn creates a greater confidence in what we can ask when we approach him in prayer. That will guarantee greater ‘success’ in prayer (measured in an accurate perception of cause and effect, i.e., ‘I asked and received’) which in turn fosters a satisfying, prayer filled life."

Foundations Action Group & Women of Worth (WOW) Action Group
Every Tuesday evening, starting at 6 PM (first meeting scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th)
Location:  Tom Stanton’s home in Beaverton, Oregon
Foundations is Led By:  Tom Stanton and Ted Nisley
WOW is Led By: Amy Temple and Kathy Watterson

These 2 groups are combining to meet in one location in order to expand connections.  The meeting will begin each Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. with dinner, followed by a time of worship and teaching.  After this combined group time, the Foundations Group will meet in one area of the Stanton home and the WoW Group will meet in another area.  The WoW group will continue to be just for women, allowing room for a discussion time, accountability, and supportive relationships.  The Foundations group will focus on the building blocks of the Christian life.

This group will focus on laying the foundation of a Christian life first and then will immerse themselves in Jesus’ teaching, in particular his teaching from the Sermon on the Mount.

Youth Action Group
Led By: Shanna Meyers

New Vision has added a brand new Youth Group fro those in grades 6-12!