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What's Free Methodism?

We are a Free Methodist church. The Free Methodists broke off from the Methodist Episcopal Church and got its start in 1860. The emphasis on “free” in Free Methodist was “their outspoken action against the institution of slavery and the class distinction inherent in the rental of pews to the wealthy.” 

Our stand today continues in this statement: “Although issues change, the sensitive social conscience remains, evidenced by continuing active participation in the social concerns of the day.”

That said, we also have distinct “lines of responsibility connecting local, district, conference, and denominational ministries. Free Methodists are concerned for the whole church, not just the local congregation. They value the leadership of bishops, superintendents, pastors, and lay leaders who provide counsel and direction to the church.”

We are in the midst of a sermon series preparing those who are interested for membership. We also offer membership classes periodically on an as-needed basis. Sermon series and membership classes are not just for those who know they want to become members of this local church body, but even those who have attended the church for years and those who just want to know more about our foundational roots are invited and encouraged to attend. 

Here is a link to our Free Methodist Church website where you can find a plethora of information about our denomination and its impact on a national and international level. Visit their website for more information.

Free Methodist Website