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  • Apr14Thu

    New Look and Feel to our Worship Services

    April 14, 2016
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    Our Story
    You will notice a few changes when you arrive at New Vision each week for our worship service.  We have implemented some changes in order to create an environment in our Sunday services that will inspire worship:  

     You will enter through the front doors instead of the side doors. This is to cut down on distraction so that when we come into the worship center we can focus on God.  

     The coffee area will be in the hallway each week and you are encouraged to arrive anytime between 9 and 9:15 for a coffee and fellowship time.  

     At 9:15 sharp, we will begin with a song calling us to worship.  If you are in the hallway when the music begins, that is your cue to come in and be ready to participate in worship that is Spirit-led.  

    Of course, each of us owns our own entry into worshipping God – we can choose to focus on distractions or we can choose to focus on the Holy Spirit working in us and among us.  However, we have implemented these few changes in order to set a tone that we hope will be more conducive to an atmosphere of entering into God’s presence.

    Pastor Carlene will be publishing a blog next week that you can find on our website at  Her blog will more fully explain the reasons behind these new changes.

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