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    Milestone - Full Time Pastor

    July 19, 2015
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    Our Story
    The Leadership Board is very pleased to announce that beginning on Thursday, July 16th Pastor Carlene will work full time as Pastor for New Vision Fellowship! Pastor Carlene retired from her job at Tuality Community Hospital on July 15th. Due to God very graciously blessing our church, a designated gift has been received which will allow the salary the church has been paying Pastor Carlene to be supplemented so that she can work full time in ministry. This is an answer to prayer and a very timely gift!  A full-time pastor will help us continue to move forward in our growth as a church and give our congregation the support it needs to make an impression in our community.  Pastor Carlene is thrilled to be able to devote herself to our growing church and family. She and the Leadership Board wish to thank the benefactor for their kind donation!
    Pastor Carlene and Pastor Doug will continue to work together to help New Vision grow and develop into the Church where our faith and our actions reflect the love of Jesus Christ to the community.