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  • Dec17Thu

    List of Joys!

    December 17, 2015
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    Our Story
    Our Advent focus last Sunday was on JOY!  Here is a list of some things that were shared that bring us joy:

    “Health, Happiness, Family”
    “I have such a wonderful family. Joy-Joy!”
    “Seeing my mom with her new dog, which has given her much joy in the face of the dark days ahead (for her and my dad)”
    “Friends, church, health”
    “Joy of being with family”
    “I was able to make time to enjoy the holiday season”
    “I’m happy for joy of life – to smile!”
    “The love of my grandchildren always brings me joy.”
    “My life is happy today and all the time when I meditate on God’s words. God is the source of life when I’m happy.”
    “Women’s Bible Study Fellowship”
    “The omnipresence of God”
    “An amazing church ‘family’ who love and serve God”
    “Joys: 1) Loving relationships with friends and family, 2) Ability to be active, 3) Good food, 4) Music!”
    “The opportunity to be a mom – 3 John 4 – I have no greater joy…”
    “I am joyful for God’s blessing of love over me – though I don’t deserve it.”
    “God’s promises fulfilled”
    “Being here at church”
    “I’m joyful that my teenage sons really like Christmas.”
    “I’m joyful for having the power of Christ.”
    “A Christmas Tree”
    “Joy – beautiful home and friends to help make it that way”
    “I was able to enjoy a walk through flooded wetlands – up to my knees in the wonderful waters that God controls!”
    “A nap a day brings me joy”
    “Coming to church on Sunday mornings when I would rather sleep in.  I always find joy in God’s word shared by Carlene and Doug”
    “Empathy – when I feel empathy it brings me joy. I choose times or situations which draw out feelings of empathy.  Great empathy.  Great JOY!”