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Here are past news articles from significant moments in our church. 
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  • Apr14Thu

    New Look and Feel to our Worship Services

    April 14, 2016
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    Our Story
    You will notice a few changes when you arrive at New Vision each week for our worship service.  We have implemented some changes in order to create an environment in our Sunday services that will inspire worship:  
  • Jan28Thu

    Annual Meeting Recap

    January 28, 2016
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    Our Story
    Our annual member’s meeting took place earlier this week.  If you were unable to attend, here is a short recap:
  • Dec24Thu

    Thank You, New Vision!

    December 24, 2015
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    Our Story
    We received the following thank you email from a recipient of some of our benevolence:
  • Dec17Thu

    List of Joys!

    December 17, 2015
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    Our Story
    Our Advent focus last Sunday was on JOY!  Here is a list of some things that were shared that bring us joy.
  • Dec6Sun

    Merry Christmas, Philicia and Emilio!

    December 6, 2015
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    Our Story
    Philicia and Emilio used to reside at Saint Child, but are now on their ownWe are excited to provide this family with their needs and wishes this Christmastime.
  • Oct29Thu

    A Special Thank You

    October 29, 2015
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    Our Impact, Our Story
    New Vision recieved a letter from one of the young mother's we helped to purchase a computer for college and to supplement her childcare expenses.

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  • Oct22Thu

    Search for a Permanent Home

    October 22, 2015
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    Our Story
    You might be aware that we were looking at a space near Washington Square to lease for a permanent church home. Last week, we found out that this is not going to be available to us after all. So, we are back in the shopping mode...
  • Oct13Tue

    Pastor Appreciation Sunday

    October 13, 2015
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    Our Story
    Sunday, October 11th was Pastor Appreciation Day, and everyone got the chance to thank Pastor Carlene and Doug for their work. Our pastors were blessed, and also share thanks.
  • Oct1Thu

    Caring For Creation

    October 1, 2015
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    Our Story
    Our church's focus this fall continues on a deepening of our faith, with the messages over the next two Sundays focusing on our call to stewardship, which will encompass our caring for, handling, and managing of all that belongs to God.
  • Sep24Thu

    Setting Up Base Camp

    September 24, 2015
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    Our Story
    As a church, our next adventure is going to be to climb a spiritual mountain.  God has called us to go deeper in our Christian lives, representative of climbing a mountain – together.  We will prepare for our ascent by setting up “base camp.”