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  • Oct1Thu

    Caring For Creation

    October 1, 2015
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    Our Story
    Our church's focus this fall continues on a deepening of our faith, with the messages over the next two Sundays focusing on our call to stewardship, which will encompass our caring for, handling, and managing of all that belongs to God. On the website, a broader understanding of stewardship is offered:  "There is no greater honor than working with God to fulfill the dreams He has for His creation. Being a good steward is more than just being a good tither. It's being a trusted servant whom God can count on to fulfill His dreams for what He has created. Stewardship is what gives meaning, direction, joy and purpose to our lives. There is no higher calling."  On Sunday, Pastor Carlene will continue to unfold the deepening of our faith, which we have likened to a climb up a mountain, through a closer look at our role as stewards.
    Everyone is encouraged to join us in worship together on Sunday mornings to understand the process of our growth and the trajectory to a mountaintop where Jesus awaits our arrival as a whole, faithful, healthy body of Christ.