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  • Jul7Tue

    Building Update

    July 7, 2015
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    Our Story
    New Vision was in the process of pursuing an office building in Beaverton to lease as a more permanent location for our church services.  Due to some unforeseen obstacles with re-zoning that proved to be insurmountable for both the owner of the property and our church, we are once again looking for property to lease or buy. 

    This gives us an exciting opportunity to see what God has in mind for us as we are making our home in the heart of the City of Beaverton at the Community Center.  The leadership at our church firmly believes that God has us in this place for a very specific purpose and for a very specific time frame.  We know that God continues to hold our future in his hands, and we are certain of his promise that if we follow him obediently he will bless us and take us places beyond what we have ever imagined.

    Please continue to be in prayer for our church to grow and for God to continue to prosper us as we seek his will for our future.  We are NOT in a holding pattern, but we are in a GROWING pattern.  Let's continue DOING church and BEING the Church of Jesus Christ to our community (our Promised Land).