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    Annual Meeting Recap

    January 28, 2016
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    Our Story
    Our annual member’s meeting took place earlier this week.  If you were unable to attend, here is a short recap:
    • Our journey:  One year ago we were undergoing reorganization, which involved our denomination’s assistance.  Last April, we became an independent society and really had a fresh start at that point, in a sense making us a church that is just about 10 months old.  We moved out of our old location in June 2015 and have found our semi-permanent home at the Beaverton Community Center since then.
    • Our vision:  Continued pure obedience to follow wherever God leads
      • Expanding our focus from our own rapid spiritual growth to making an even greater impact in the world
        • Engaging our Neighbors
        • Enriching our Community
        • Expanding our Reach
      • GROWTH continues to be the emphasis, but we will see it manifested in a different way
      • Expected investment by those who attend New Vision to make an even greater impact in the world with all of our resources (time, spiritual gifts, and finances) in furthering our reach to make an impact in this neighborhood, in this community, and to the broader world.
    • Our ministries:
      • Over 50 people are involved in our Action Group 
      • Sunday morning ministries are growing!  Click on the documents link to see the vision from the Directors of our 3 main Sunday morning ministries: Children of Faith, Creative Arts Team, and First Contact Team.
    • Financials:  The 2016 budget was discussed.  Copies of the budget will be available on Sunday mornings.